Studies in Color

Color and Light, © Sophia SD 2016

Inspired by a Color & Composition class I took last year (and am only now posting!), here is the finished product of my color wheel, as well as images of the color palette I used.

I am hesitant of whether I like the finished painting. Unlike many works, I feel it looks better with the up-close details, while at a distance it appears almost too streamlined; with the colors blending together. Although, that can be interesting as to giving it a wormhole effect.



That may just be my personal preference to abstract art over realism. Don't take me wrong- I am drawn to portraiture and "real" subject matter (most certainly not undetermined splotches of color). At the same time, I appreciate art that is not overly refined; i.e: paintings from the late 1800s to the early 1900s are among my favorites.