Sick Girl Selfie

Here’s my contribution to the #sickgirlsclub phenomenon. Thank you so much, Mab, for your powerful words and encouragement. You’ve kind of helped me a lot lately! In terms of getting beyond my insecurities and depression to be able to put myself and my art out there. It’s been a journey.


I share this photo as my selfie because it reminds me of Mab! It’s back from when I was a baby at 20, before I had my own babies (my little angels). I’m wearing my pink wig- still trying to rid my body of the brain-addling effects of chemotherapy. 7 years remission!

You can’t tell, but I’m also in a wheelchair. Why? I have a rare, debilitating neuromuscular disorder known as Friedreich’s Ataxia. Look it up? It’s scary. But I’m going to maintain that the tragic effects of the disease are epigenetic; meaning that with the proper nutrition, attitude and exercise regimen it can be stopped and even reversed. Doing my best to employ these three things lately, and I feel great!

Recently, I’ve come to the realization that the number one reason I’m still confined to a wheelchair and unable to relearn walking is the severe medical maiming I underwent: numerous surgeries and the eventual shortening of my right leg. It’s been causing me a lot of physical and mental pain- and throwing my entire body out of alignment/balance, so bear with me as I deal with this.

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