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My name is Sophia Ursula. When I was a child, my spirit animal was... a mushroom. Having the quality of absorbing the people, music, and cultures that surrounded me, I found it fitting. I do not believe in cultural appropriation; my family and I are highly appreciative of all beautiful cultures of the world.

I recently turned 27, and have struggled for much of my life with too many health troubles (having been diagnosed with rare genetic disorder Friedreich's Ataxia at 13 and a completely unrelated bone cancer at 19 followed by pain, surgeries, hospitals, weakness and  subsequent depression); I have two beautiful sons, a wonderful husband of 6 years; and a beautiful & fierce foo dog who also turned one on May 1st, 2018.

My artistic specialties are portraiture and illustration- if you are interested in commissioning a painting, drawing, or series, please email me at and we can start a dialogue.


about sophia's blog

A blog about my lifestyle, my projects, my advice, and my opinions, this is where I write what's on my mind (when I get around to putting it in words). Most will tend to be health or inspiration related.