Boost Your Energy Production & Your Heart with Natural Co-Q10

I recommend this product with the greatest enthusiasm. With the incessant fatigue and lack of stamina that accompany my neuromuscular disorder, I have found Co-Enzyme Q-10 to be the most helpfully nourishing supplement for my body. It has always been the top recommended vitamin among circles of caregivers and victims of those with Friedreich's Ataxia- though I know that many (including myself, for a number of years) take synthetic derivatives of the supplement, believing the highest dosage can only be attained through a lab. Through years of different approaches, jumping from natural animal and plant medicine, to laboratory-born creations, then back to everything organic and natural (following nigh a year of intensive chemotherapy), I'm going to have to disagree with this notion that synthetic is better/more substantial in delivering nutrients to the body.

Now, please don't hastily conclude that I'm saying synthetic pills brought cancer into my life. Many people- doctors/scientists/nutritionists included- DO argue this, and I am not rejecting the notion but at the same time I am not pointing the finger either. I am simply stating that I, personally, have felt a more positive impact on my body from health supplements which have not been altered by anything save sunshine, water and love. Call it anecdotal evidence if you wish, but know that I am big on the epigenetic effects that come with feeding your body well.

Friedreich's Ataxia, the progressive, life-shortening, depressing genetic disorder that affects 1 in 50,000 in the US, is known to affect the body's large muscles first. Starting with the legs, the tongue, the heart. As Co-Enzyme Q-10 boosts not only cardio-vascular health but improves function of all muscles and helps reduce oxidative stress, it is believed to be the most vital of vital minerals an FA person can ingest. Needless to say, Q10's many benefits make it optimal for any aging person, recovering athlete, disease-sufferer or just anyone, period.

As usual, forgive my long introduction and let me get to the point: Co Q-10 is the answer to higher energy/stamina/muscle function, and like everything involving your body, treat yourself and our planet with a natural approach to it. One of my favorite health care treatments is MRM's CoQ-10 with L-Carnitine, conveniently delivered to your body in a sublingual form. Meaning? You can simply drink it, thusly your system absorbs it faster. If you decide on this, which you totally should, take a few doses at a time (especially if you have FA). It is so worth every penny.